Sayings and affirmations

  1. Being true is being true to yourself first.
  2. Love is more than the key, it is also the lock.
  3. To be noble is not about having rank.
  4. Anxiety about the future is a thief of today.
  5. Integrity is not about what is said but what is done.
  6. I choose to see the best in you, not the worst.
  7. I cannot know death, only living.
  8. Salvation is letting go, not taking up.
  9. Love is a verb, not a noun.
  10. Conflict can be a blessing, if you look for it.
  11. Your thoughts determine who you are and what you become.
  12. You will often find your strength through weakness.
  13. Fear about what might be can rob you of present joy.
  14. Growth is not always easy but it creates a better you.
  15. There are many things in life we can’t explain, but we can accept them.
  16. Innocence is the treasure of a garden.
  17. Finding your potential is finding yourself.
  18. Each day brings new, fresh opportunities. Open you heart to them.
  19. Be a blessing, not a curse, even to those who hate you.
  20. Never pass an opportunity to do good.
  21. Love is the answer only if you let it be.
  22. Take each moment as a precious drop of life.
  23. To lose your passion is to lose a precious gift.
  24. Human rights should never be up for negotiation.
  25. To read and write is a right.
  26. Never think that you are better than anyone else, or worse.
  27. If you look, you just might find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  28. Love doesn’t need to conquer all, it just needs to conquer me.
  29. Fears are only what might be, not what will be.
  30. Live in the Now, dream for a future, learn from the past.
  31. The real treasure is not far away but very near.
  32. Giving without expecting return is giving indeed.
  33. It’s simple. People first. All else second.
  34. Feeling safe is not an option, it is a right.
  35. We are born in nature’s womb and part of her great whole.
  36. We find ourselves truly when we look to the other.
  37. Regular reflection on your life brings powerful change.
  38. Protecting families is protecting the world.
  39. Building families is renewing the world.
  40. I see the potential in you, and you can make it so.
  41. Respond to put downs with words of utter grace.
  42. Once it is gone it is gone, and nothing can bring it back.
  43. Celebrating together is one of the graces of being human.
  44. Caring for our planet is saving our lives.
  45. The secret to love is letting go, not holding on too tight.
  46. Doing good is not some grand idea; it is consistent practical action.
  47. Live now in the fullness of each day.
  48. There is no stopping time; there is no getting off the wheel of life.
  49. With what do we repay the earth that sustains us?
  50. Stop, look and see the beauty around you.
  51. The greatest fear is not that there’s something out there but that there is nothing out there.
  52. Stand firm against hate and embrace the joy of love.
  53. Telling the truth is often not easy but is is for the best.
  54. Striving for perfection only brings disappointment. Strive to grow instead.
  55. Hope is given in the touch of a generous hand.
  56. Always be aware of the traps in this world.
  57. All things come to an end, so enjoy them while you can.
  58. Dreams will stay dreams if there are no actions.
  59. Destiny is a thief that robs us of now.
  60. Meaning is found in the seeking.