Windy day

The wind with its

earnest puff of delight

over the sacred land,

whips and caresses the trees,

and flays the leaves

that spray and splatter

on the swirling ground.


Limbs bend and crack

from the might of

nature’s pruning saw,

and then are thrown

with the ferocity

of a giant on the

wind mown ground,

as the mad sculptor

creates nature’s

grotesque art.


The coast is awash

with foaming waves and froth

that steam and boil

in the tormented sea;

and hapless, helpless boats

are swayed and rocked,

tearing recklessly at the moorings.


The beauty and danger

of a windy day,

beating at your face

and making you feel the presence

of earth’s mighty lungs

that breath out its

creative urgent force.