The uncertain story

Humans and all life

that exists on this planet

are moving forward,

moving onward in the imperfect circles,

but there are no

certain predictions about

what this could mean

and no civilised boundaries

that can hold back

the futures that might

offer what we have

never seen before.


We cannot be prepared

and we cannot know

what will come and what we

will evolve to be in

the uncertain story

about the species

we call human.


The myth of civilisation

and progress has captured

our thinking for too long,

as has the idea that

it will all work out

for the best in the end.

like some neat bedtime story

told on a bleak winter’s night.


But the end of the story

is never an end,

and who can know,

and who can see like the mystic,

what twists or convolutions

in this epic tale of the human sojourn

might pierce through the obvious

and point to the stars.