I know that we are disposed

as beings of the convergent

kind to gather with others that agree

with our tastes and points of view.

That seems natural doesn’t it?


A gathering of like minds that come

together in a celebration of being

all the same and together,

one with one, on the same page.


I like the food you like and the

sorts of films, so we agree!


Agreement is so nice, so smooth,

like rocks in a flowing stream.


But I like rocks of the jagged kind–

that don’t sit smoothly in the hand

but have rough edges and spikes

that make me feel what’s there

and sense the textures that a hand

can feel as it seeks to understand

the unrepeated varieties of the world.


So too the pleasure of disagreement,

of divergence, dissent, of all the 

shapes and sizes of the world that 

come into the realm of my senses and 

make this experience of a life always

brand new, variegated and troubled

with others that don’t share my

preferential tastes at all.