I can’t believe

I used to believe

in all those things that

people said about god

and sin, and being saved;

and life was sure and

a purpose was made for

being here among

the paradox and

stupidities of

the human state.


But now I can’t believe this

anymore, for the world is here

and nothing more,

and people search in

desperation for something

to grasp that takes them

beyond this farce that

stares them in the face

day by day and taunts

them with their fragility.


Yet, how nice it would

be to believe in angels,

demons, saints and sinners

and great father god who cares

for us all in this place of suffering.


To be so certain,

to know such truth

would be a comfort,

and we could wait at

death’s dark door

and see the light

beyond its lock.


Alas, I cannot believe

in god and heaven,

hell or any other place

beyond this my

Mother Earth that

stands alone,

that is our hope.


And god is dead,

for he never lived,

except in our greatest

wish for something else,

that lives as dreams

inside our head.