Light a candle

We light a candle as memorial because

its light helps us to see full clear,

even in the darkest times

of loss, tragedy and awkward memory.


Like our bodies that start in womb

and then go to the eternity of the grave,

the candle burns from perfect form to absent end,

so that we not only see in the darkness,

but see ourselves and others truly

and honestly, without pretence,

as waxy melting beings.


We are indeed mortal,

temporal and vulnerable,

lighting the flame of others

with compassion and love,

or extinguishing it with hate.


Through reflecting openly

on the mysteries

of this one and only life that

becomes the candle,

becomes the flame

we see the truth.


Let us look deep into the candle;

let us look with eyes wide open,

and see ourselves in its flames

and understand our one destiny

as soot in the smoke

that rises out to the whole earth.