Part 1

When my body is

dissolved and I am

long forgotten,

there remains this planet:

blue, green, thin aired,

spinning helplessly

around a star at

the centre of eternity.


When my body is part

of the whole earth again,

there remains the challenge

of this world that is our womb,

our home, dropped in this cold universe.


I live this life as best I can,

and it is dependent, connected to

the cord of life: to the trees,

the fields with crops and the animals

that graze, kill, and burrow, but

give back what they have taken away.


When my body is given to the sky,

and my grandchildren live their lives

as best they can, what will this

breathing, living ball of rock

becomes as it moves in space,

as it finds its way to our end,

or to a beginning for all who

are to come?


Part 2

The Prophet calls across

this fragile world with time’s message,

across the space that grows between

us all; calls for us to listen to the breath,

listen to the message spoken

without words.


We are doomed!