Hold on

Hold on!

Hold on to all that

lives certainly

and wonderfully

in your life.


Hold on to the

rich nourishment of love

that feeds the spirit

and brings vitality to

the whole being.


Hold on to the good

done in the name of good

as a measure of the worth

of all beings that tread this

shifting shore together.


Hold on to the laughter

that is the lubricant of joy

and binds together

the fragments of this life

that at any time

could pull apart.


Hold on to the

way of peace

that is the soothing balm

that eases the sores of conflict

that are epidemic across

this fractured trauma

of this world.


Hold on to each moment

lived with purpose

and with gratitude,

within a sea of restless illusion

and wasting worry about

what was or what might be.


Hold on!

Hold on,

to the precious,

to the joyous,

to the loving,

to the good,

to the peaceful,

to the grateful,

and to the privilege

that it is to live

and love each day.


Hold on, but

not too tight,

for then it can

be free.