To sculpt a new David

The place of men is changing,

has changed, and they are no 

longer the centre of all that 

makes and defines the history

of humankind’s brief and daring

escapade in the long eons of 

planet earth’s evolutionary path.


Women have risen and are rising,

with fists to the blue sky smiling,

and men walk beside, not in front,

as friends, companions, carers, 

sojourners, lovers, co-makers, 

and yes, even rivals;

women are doing and creating,

thinking and being, as agents strong 

for their own sake, not just for men;

so men have to find a new centre

to the ways of being a man, a new 

existence and shape that is not about the

the tradition, the divide, the religion,

the hunter or the tribe, but about

fresh discoveries and insights

into the human in the man,

and the person in the woman.


What will that new centre be?

What is this new creation sculptured by thee?


Perhaps it is a fresh artistic vision about 

men not seeing themselves as 

warriors apart, defined in dominance, 

demanding respect,

standing like David

proud and erect in the square,

for those times have passed,

but about men together,

men for humanity, 

men for community,

men for family,

men for diversity,

men for women,

men for each other,

and each man for healing

personally, globally.


Perhaps it is about 

recognising a new time in

the evolution of a species that,

hitherto, under the fist of men,

hath wrought destruction, prejudice,

oppression and cruelty, and given us

the bloody spectre of masculine war;

but now is the moment for delicious change,

for a revolution from equality’s beat,

for emergence formed in curiosity,

for nurturing each other kind, 

for circles of peace and reconciliation,

and for respecting the planet weakly 

blue that suckles us all unseen,

even if we live as reckless children, 

quite apart, quite naive. 


Yes, the place of men is changing,

but the tasting is sweet, not Ill or bitter;

so let us taste together,

and open our hands at the table,

as women take their place,

in our evolutionary path,

and men see the gain,

and women new vistas,

as we bring tools together,

to sculpt a new David.


The marble awaits!