Come join the danger!

My poetry is political,

atypical, uncomfortable, mad,

treading in the danger zone,

where only fools

dare go for fear of ridicule.


But here I stand,

here I stand,

you fuckers!


While others stand outside

and take their well-honed praise.


Here I stand, as fool,

who here, now! decides to be

nothing but a voice

calling in the wilderness,

calling for all to

wash themselves in

Jordan’s dangerous stream.


Can you feel it?

Or are you too resolved?


So come all ye who lead this

sacred fragile place– come all ye!


Leave the folly  of your ways.


Come join me maddened;

come join the danger that

Is the hope–come!


Come join me all of you who

feel this weight of sin that 

came from multiplying

and conquering, 

and let us purge ourselves

in the unsettled stream,

and strip away the faith

that have it all we do.


Let’s purge ourselves,

washing away our politics

and greed till the lamb 

shall  indeed  lay down 

with the wolf.