Connecting back

Connecting back to you,

connecting through fears

and tears and all that

holds back the touch,

and keeps me at odds with

the way you are, the way

you have always been.


Connecting back to the human

dissolved in our history, the

mystery of what is wrong

and what keeps us apart

from the heart of what it is

that brought us together long ago.


Connecting the threads that once

were the cloth of our desire

and wrapped our bodies in a shroud,

in the cloud that floated high

but now descends, weighs low in

the fears with the years that stretched

and bent the two of us out of shape.


Connecting now,

delicate touch,

a moment, a time.

a renewal that does

not seem true, does

not feel like us at all.


Connecting back to you—

afraid, uncertain, and knowing

that all could tear in the thin

cloth of our despair—back to you,

back to the tensions, to the imperfections,

but what else am I to do, for here

we are in front of us too scared

to say goodbye, to afraid to say hello.