In lockdown I am waiting with

expectation, uncertain of the

rolling of time and the points

of change when life as so-called

normal will come to greet us again.


Days fold into days and the car

sits idle, unused and not taking us

to places distant that is the instant

modern urge in the era where

travel defines the shrinking world.


But the world now is larger and smaller,

and I to my garden go and enjoy

the quiet stillness of a place away from

the space of living so confined and same

that has characterised this strangeness time.


What will we make of it when all of

this is done and we return to the madness

of rush that was there before our homes

were the refuge that we loved and cursed

all at the same time, as we wait, still wait?


For Melbourne in the CoVID-10 pandemic lockdown (2020)