The cup

Theistic religions teach

that humans are

not just cups half full,

not just chipped a little,

but cracked so that the

brackish liquid inside

seeps out and what

remains is emptiness.


It takes the power of

a divine being

to seal the cracks,

repair the chips and

fill the cup with

fresh and tasty spring water.


Without this divinity

we are all just filthy cracked cups

lying in a mirky gutter.


Humanists teach that the

cup might well be cracked

and roughly chipped,

but the water inside is still good

and that it takes a community

and compassionate beings,

forming together with the self-healing

potential of the cup,

to bring the whole to the cup together.


And even if the water

in the cup goes bad,

there is a spring of humanity

that can fill that cup

with sweet water again,


We are cups worthy of display

in a grand cabinet for all

to see.