Is truth the same as existence?

Does a chair exist?


A chair exists

because we see an object.

A chair exists because

the thing we see

we give a label,

which is a mental object.

A chair exists

because the label

is associated with

what the chair does.

What the chair does is

that it enables us to sit.

All things that enable

us to sit are chairs.


So is it true that

the thing I see

in front of me

is a chair if

I can sit on it?




It is only

a chair if

its chairness,

it’s ability to

enable us to sit,

and the label

we assign in language

to an object

come together

to form a correspondence.


So existence is only truth

when we assign a

property or function

to a thing in language.


Truth is a physical property

and an assignment in language.


An assignment in mind

and a correspondence

in the world.


But is it true if there is

no correspondence

in the world?




But it still exists

as mental thing.


So truth can only be truth

if it is referenced to the world.


Truth thus is not the

same as existence.


Truth is referencing

to the world AND

existence as a mental object.