In the face of fear

Fear defines her

as it oozes

out of every pore

in great droplets,

and seeps inevitably

through her

mental fabric.


She looks around

this place

that was called home,

and grasps

the hands of her children

firmly, too firmly,

pushing against resistance

with her sweaty palms,

before shuffling

out the door,

bag on back,

terror in soul.


In the face of fear

she leaves;

in the instinct

for survival

she heads to

the door,

not knowing

where to go,

only knowing that

she has to slip

out into the street;

she has face the

mystery of tonight.


She has to protect

her young

like a mother animal

filled with the

resolve of fear,

as she goes

into the wild,

as she steps

into the unknown

world of the

lamp lit street.