Poetry is you

You are my poetry,
dearest, sweetest one,
the rhythm and colour
that guides the sinews
of my creative hue.

You are the line and
pause of my song,
and the souring images
that take me to another
world where I can be
more than I ever felt
here in this desert
without the pleasure
of your tenderest touch.

You are the verse that opens
my day with its energy that
makes me want to sing and
lift my ordinariness above
the self I am, to be this dreamer
who can imagine a better place.

Yes, you are my poetry fractured,
my poetry complete,
my drafts and non-completions,
my night inspirations that make
me want to dance,
make me want to pray.,
to be your worshipper
in church each day.

Poetry is life.
Poetry is joy.
Poetry is meaning in meaninglessness.
Poetry is you.