The cold

Getting a cold!


How I hate

that annoying

little pest

that pushes

and shoves

its way

rudely into my life,

totally uninvited

and at just

the wrong time.


This tiny invisible

bug in my life

hangs around,

and around,

and around,

to annoy me

to death.


Well, not literal death,

though I am

feeling like

death is just

around the corner.



through a nose

that oozes water

and snot;


from a cough

that never stops;

and disabled,

by a body that

doesn’t want

to do what

I order

it to do.


And then,

just as I

think this


will never end,

and the bug

is here

to stay forever,

it mysteriously

slips away

and goes to

bother some

other wretched sucker

who also has

to live

with its

devilish ways.