There is a grand mystery

in the world that lies

beneath all of us

and every living thing.


The mystery is the

deepest one of all the earth

and all the universe too:

what is life and

why has it come this way?


That bubbles in

the universal foam

should coalesce to

form these biological things

that move and sense

and become aware

of their own being

and temporary self

is beyond our measure

of finding meaning.


We can call on god and gods

in an attempt to explain

and reason for being here,

and we create great narratives

of why this had to be

in the schemes of the

human and the divine.


But do any of the fables

really take the mystery away?


We are ever wondering

and always pondering,

even if we believe God is the

first cause of everything.


To be human is to be divine

in the sense that we look,

and consider and experiment

and create theories

about why things flow as life

on this lump of rock.