How do you solve the unsolvable?
This is not about mathematics.
This is not about engineering
an impossible structure.
It is not even about going to
the nearest star.

It is more difficult than any of these.

How do you solve the problem
of bridging the division, of seeing the
margins not just the centre, of healing
a history with weeping sores still visible
that soiled bandages barely hide?

How do you close the gap between
opposing views that stop the evolution
that can lead to abundant futures?

We have tried the many sanctioned ways and
and, to be honest, we have not succeeded,
and the smoke is not curling in unison,
in a creative dance of possibility
to bring all our smoldering fires together.

Perhaps it is the case that we hold the
problem close but not the solution, and
maybe we choose not to see it this way.

Or could it be that all that we’ve thought
and done for so long, and all the formulas
that we have applied, miss the point entirely,
and so we might seek new ways of thinking
and construct solutions that go beyond
the familiar structures through which we have
long since seen the geometry of the world.