The elixir

I choose to see the unseen
acts of kindness and unrelenting
care that are not in your face like
the cruelty and viciousness
of human beings to each other
that is so often the substance
of all our media and communications.

I locate kindness like a hidden
diamond that sparkles when
the sun hits its many faces,
not the dull depravity of a person
who chooses to ignore the humanity
and vulnerability of another being
in acts of harm against a person
who is unique and irreplaceable.

I reject violence in all its forms
and call to those who care to listen,
to bring the elixir made of honesty,
reconciliation, compromise and
tangible peace to each and every
large and small engagement with
people richly diverse who share
this wondrous and fragile planet.

Let us be drunk on this elixir with each
other and share in the joyous celebration
of care and kindness that unities us all
as individuals, and strengthens our bonds
as families, friends, communities and nations.