A letter to life

I have come many ways to

this state of being nestled between

lithely young and facing Death’s

unwanted prospect; and so I am

here writing a letter to Life,

to the unfathomable thing that

lies at the centre of us all, untamed,

and then goes away to leave us in

the dust of heaven’s dark betrayal.


Life, you formed us up and made

us into movement and joy in a cold

universe where for all we know you

make your bed only here and splash

us with your energy till you choose a

new place and walk away, smiling still.

This energy moves unrelenting in the

tiny and large and each creature so

charged moves this way and that

till at last the charge is gone and the

earth itself takes charge and brings

all the bodies to its own good self.


That is your mission, Life, to set us

up and delude us into believing that

you are more than a magician hiding

the truth with your whizzbang trickery

that fools most, but not me—for I see

through the illusion to the truth that

life is for the living—no more, no less.


And you wrestle with the earth in a

battle of eons where you almost lost

in those extinction years where the

planet held you captive till you broke away

and thrust your energy on creatures that

have formed into us—poor us, that are so

aware of you and your dark companion

who comes by stealth to steal your

living art away; but you care not for all

the living things that are your masterpieces

in your lurid gallery of dust that sits

in public view for all to admire and believe.


So here I am writing to you, filled with

your energy—warm, alive and believing love

is real, and admiring your art and your guile

as you abide here with us, aloof and free

like the clouds, till you pack your bags filled

with the tricks of your dire trade and move

over the hill and far, far away, yes, far away.


Life, your mystery remains and we are

captive to your charms and speak well

of you and all you bring to us on this

floating ark in a universal sea; but we

also know, if we care to see the truth,

that life cometh and just as sure

life is easily taken away—removed

with the wave of a wand and a smile.


Beware then, my friends, of this Conjurer,

this wandering charlatan that offers up

beauty and promise only to take them

away again by slight of hand.