Across the dizzy millennia

from the ancient Greeks

to thoughts about life 

and the universe in digital 

caves of a changing

world, there is awakening forming 

as the tide that gently rolls in.


The tide spread across 

the expanses from time 

and in time, in spaces ancient

to places modern where 

awareness emerges as seeping

evolution, and the call to awake from

this ancient slumber of divide is heard.


This awakening formed dimly,

and low was its dripping sound across 

the landscape of human awareness

of itself as a species aiming to

conquer and steeped in gods 

that led the way to suffering 

on the back of promises unseen.


The awakening is the recognition 

of unity in all and from all,

in each face looking across

the world and up to the stars,

in making sense and sharing

the common pain and pleasure

of being alive in this limited time.