Who am I?

My name is Edwin Creely and I live in Melbourne Australia. I am a teacher, academic, writer, and philosopher.

Much of my poetry is an exploration of ideas and experience, mine and others. I am interested in the nature of human experience and existence as lived, breathed and contemplated. Poetry is an excellent vehicle for such an exploration since it lives in the realm of the possible and the imagined.

I also believe that writing poetry is as much an artistic expression as painting, sculpture, drawing or other art forms.

My interest in writing poetry really only began in 2010, though I studied it at university, and taught poetry for decades in schools.

For me, poetry is a form of deep expression that is thrilling and empowering.

But do not think that my poetry is soft and gentle. I am an activist poet as much as an artist.

You can contact me at edcreely@gmail.com

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