My ethics

My ethics is simple.

What sits comfortably at its heart

is not some abstract ideal 

or intricate system of morality,

or demanding god who sends down

a sets of laws or wants unrelenting

obedience to his perfect will.


What pulsates at its centre is a person

whose unique face and full presence

I can see and hear and feeI, and they

bring curiosity and joy so that there

is discovery and the potential for growth.


No categories apply here: no race, no creed,

no colour; no gender, no sexualities, no age,

no disabilities, no politics, no hierarchies,

no body shape, no classes, no distinctions at all.


Only a person in all their complexity, uniqueness,

interests, passions, dreams, challenges and wishes.


Only a person that has a right to live

and dream big dreams and grow with

fullness to the day they die.


Only a person who is given respect,

not from position, status, ability, privilege

or any other category of inclusion and exclusion,

but for just being a person whole, full of will,

an indelible creature, not repeatable,

and existing alongside me in this evolving universe.