I am

I’ve got to say as a being that is

human, not a human being,

that I reject Plato’s idea that we

are something less, a corruption.


I reject the religious view that we

are god’s alone in his awful realm.


Kant is wrong that we are essentially

rational beings given to the universal.


And Nietzsche thinks we are all about

our will to live an authentic life

when will is a luxury that only some 

can afford in all of life ‘s constraints.


I say I am something less and something

more, that I am mine and mine alone,

that I can be rational and irrrationaI

and this is still all of me, and my will

is to make a life that might have

meaning but I can never be sure at all.


All I know is that I am, I think, just me,

a person that exists as a creature

among many creatures and as I look

up to the sky I wonder about the Why.