Memory is of the past

and is composed of

a flowing amalgam of

sensations, images,

emotions and understandings

that combine and reassemble

new each day

like a newspaper printed

fresh and revisited

every morning.


Memory is vivid and present,

drawn from intimate history,

from times of living

gone and not gone,

present but absent,

as a deep core

and spine in existence

that manifests in time

and transcends temporality.


Memory is connected

to time and place,

to other beings and things,

to events and relationships,

but the connections are

fragmented and unreliable

or fanciful for some.


For others memories

have a shape that appears

as real and effusive

as when it was caught

from an an event

that now may be forgotten;

it is reconstructed

as a new experience,

a new identity.

a revised being

drawn from the power

of the old to create the new.


Memory is also

formed in forgetting,

whether erased or suppressed

beneath the floating boats

of living that

sail on winds

that have always blown

across oceans of existence

deep and mysterious.


Memory finds verity

in the combined memories

of all those who

were situated together,

as witnesses to the living past,

and in the writing that

takes experience

from the fading light of age

to the artefacts that

live as long as words live.