The lady of the night

I saw the lady of the night

in my dreams, in my fears,

and she spoke to me as if

she knew my name and saw

my life strung out and filled

with all its pleasure and pain;

and she said to me in a voice

unknown but known complete:

“Where have you been–where are

you going? I have been looking

for you and calling for you to

come, to come to me, and I will

take you from all this, to home.”


I woke and night still lay across

my body shaking with the cold,

and I drew the blankets close

and began to think about the words

and the call to come; and as I

wondered, she came beside me

and lay with the dark and I heard

her breath and I sensed her call

again, and she took my hand

and led me gently without force

into the thickening black of night.