See the ways

When one road comes to an end

and you can see the intersection ahead,

it is not the time to say that you’ve done it all,

and pull over and put up a retirement shack

in which to sit and think about all you used to be.


You don’t need a retirement shack

because all you need to do is come to

the intersection, which branches off

onto many promising winding roads,

and choose one that goes a different way.


Who knows where that road might take you;

it might be the beginning of a whole

new way of being and seeing the world,

and so the retirement shack becomes

a distant option in some well forgotten past.


Come to the intersection and see the ways

that you might go and what you might be

if you take a chance and say that you’ll

give it a go, for, who knows, there in may

lie all that you ever wished to be.