I have thought about the

reputation of the word ‘want’

and I considerate it unfairly

judged, like its too direct and

we all should be more discrete

and play the games to get what

it is that we actually…want.


But what would it look like if

desire and need were translated

into this honest little word that

efficiently cuts precisely to the

chase, like Oliver and his “Please, sir,

I want some more”?


What if we told everyone what we

want? Disclosed, revealed, opened up!

Told our partners, families and friends.

Told our bosses, leaders and everyone

who would prefer that we never said

that horrid little word again.


What if we told our politicians what

we want? Would this change the way

they saw the world of you and me?


What if we asked each other what

we want so directly, so openly,

that it might shake us from

behind our heavy shields?


I want so many things that are good,

and some that are bad (to be deadly honest), but I never

say that this is what I want, like

I want you?