Three truths


We are moving, evolving,
shifting in the fine sands of
time and there is no stopping,
no holding back or way to
return to what was, for what is
is in motion and even in death
there is not ceasing, as all
we were becomes part of the
cycle of something else.


I will quiet this body, this person,
this ever-searching mind and be
still among the inconstancy and
focus on the presence of me,
as being, as substance, in this place,
in this time that his held back just
for now, just to be and no more.


I see you there as being among beings,
working out your life in the flux,
and I reach to you in compassion on
your journey, bringing the light where
I can but respecting you as person in
finding your path among paths and
your happiness in the challenges of
the shifting, moving, unpredictable world.