Night passion

Outside the night is dark,

and the fog quilts the landscape 

with its fine yarn that trails in 

wispy threads across my path.


And I walk, how I walk, to my

own drumbeat heart, through 

this space as stranger and friend,

heading along a place made 

unfamiliar by the inky black, lit 

only by the steady gaze of stars.


Yes, I walk with one focus, one

thought directing my urgent steps:

to see you, my dark princess of

night, bathing in the pool of 

sooty crystal, lit only by moonlight.


To see you as my passion of night’s

quest—waiting there for me and 

unfurling the silk of your display 

among the night shadows, midst 

the tender garment of evening’s mist.


Walking to you—secret foot fall

across the dusky expanses of my mind.