How lucky

the person that

doesn’t respond

to the insistent

bells of time,

bells that measure

and divide life

From inception

To disintegration.


All I can know

of time

is in the intervals

of my life and

in my awareness of

the slow ticking

chimes and the

clanging bell

that says your

time has gone

and that is

your life’s portion,

so be satisfied.


Yes, time is

only ever

my time,

my measuring

of change,

though I may

see the records

of past lives and

read the history

about the time

that was given

to ones like me

in days long gone

and days still living.


Time is the

urgent enemy

and the soothing friend:

framing the houses

of my living

and achieving,

but also reminding

me that the day

is coming

and the days

are going,

and this

is what life

will ever be.