Well, aren’t you

the sneaky one?

Coming in to say

your predictable

hellos and goodbyes

in those neat little slices

of unexpected time

that define us.



Listen to me!

I never did believe in destiny

till I met you.

Your destiny is a certain one:

as warm and as cold as snow

on a summer’s day.



I know your

dark arts.

Some choose to see you

as a well-meaning friend

that you invite for

tea and cake.

But I’ll never invite you.




You will come for me

as sure as the sun

and the moon.

And I will hold

the door

with all my superhuman strength

and try to stay

your grand entrance.



Your victory is assured.

In your arrogance

you will stride through

that bolted door and

stare at me,

and smile that impish smile,

and wiggle your finger

to draw me thither.



Everyone says that

you are black and cold

and inevitable.

But I see you as something


I see you as white

as a bright light


a cold starry

black sky.



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