Me too!

O man of god—

you think you have 

all the world in 

your hands and 

you claim to

know the future 

and the past.


But I have only

this present to guide

what I am, and this 

tiny moment of time 

tells me about pain 

and pleasure,

love and hate,

fear and consolation,

starvation and plenty,

and the universal of

death’s reign.


Tell me what you see 

that I do not.


Tell me now if you be 

open to debate.


 I will tell you what it is I see:

 the human face in all its

 many forms looking out 

 and wondering,

 with a tear,

 with a smile,

 with a kiss,

 with a grimace,

 that contains all

 the woes of the world.


 And I, looking back with

 an open ironic smile,




That is me too!