Our universe is

changing, enlarging,

reshaping and emerging,

predictable, yet fickle,

knowable but every mysterious.


And we, as aware beings

of this little world,

that sits in obscurity

at the edge of a galaxy,

see its rhythms and fluctuations.

attended by the flow and inevitability

of time that moves on and

towards some future unbeknown.


‘Nothing stays the same’

is the oft-repeated truism

that we all comprehend

as much as the air

that flows into

our ancient lungs,

or the flows of the tides,

and the condition

of life’s cycle from

conception to death.


The shifts and turns of

lives living attend this

movement and flow

from one present moment

to another as

‘life goes on’

in its inexorability.


Sickness, health,

loss and gain,

crumbling decay and rebuilding

are the poles and textures

of this life of transitoriness,

in which we seek

to predict but are never sure.


From this  transience

and flux of existence,

there is no escape,

however much we wish

and dream for more;

for in this condition of living

and being in the world,

we are planet bound,

earth dependent,

subjects of a global

kingdom of change,

calamity, wonderment

and disorder,

where we we can decide

but are never certain

in living in

the wonderment that is life.