Immortal angel

The immortal angel of silken life 

caresses me with her rapture at

moments of height, at grand times

of ecstasy, strewn uneven through

the dismal, ordinary and the sad.


She touches me with music luscious 

that lifts this searching mortal soul 

above the soundless dull and pedant 

to the souring glorious melodies and

the voices and bells of highest heaven.


With her hand as bright as inspiration’s 

light, she touches my mind and brings 

to its sinews the thoughts of the gods 

that lie secret, hidden in the universal

vastness of the mystery of being itself.


The immortal angel of light and love

opens up the uncut world to me entire,

in shape, in colour, in sound  and space,

and takes me to the beauteous place of 

imagination’s play with Aphrodite herself.