I am going to break
the fourth wall and
speak to you, my reader.

I want to speak to you
about the word dead!

Why are you, me, everyone
afraid of uttering that
little shitty word?

I know, maybe, like you, I
would prefer other words
to describe this one conclusive
state of being human.

You might add to my list:
gone, passed away, deceased,
passed, gone to the other side,
gone to god, end of life, demise,
meeting your maker…

Oh, dear reader please help
me with my list. Is this
just avoidance?

But the word ‘dead’ just seems
so abrupt, doesn’t it?

That’s it !

Eternal separation.


I know for me that’s hard to
stomach when I reflect
on this living that I’ve
done that will, one day,
come to an equation
that adds up to nought.

I hope you don’t find me
too depressing. Dear god,
am I depressing?

I don’t mean to be–but that’s
the point: how do we face the
word ‘dead’?

What is our response when
we look at its smiling hollow face?