Old friend

I am sentimental.
Always have been.
I remember you and your
coy smile from so long ago,
and it is still there as beauty,
even though the grey has
swept over you cold and taken
the youth that I once knew.

It is so good to see you,
old friend, for though I lost
you in the flow of time, the
fondness hasn’t diminished at all.
I’m surprised I still feel this

Chance encounter.
Do I believe in chance?
I know that we once shared
so much and I never thought you’d
go away-but all things go away,
don’t they? They all go away in the end.

Well that’s what the wisest of wise
once said to me.

But you are here now, coffee in hard,
looking at me with eyes that
have seen so much,
looking at me like you used to
when I would crack some jokes and
we would laugh and grow silent
in the glorious afterglow..

And I remember you and recall the
love I once felt, and long for again.
Seems pathetic, doesn’t it.
So alone now,
and looking at you.
And you return that smile.