One way

As long as the road travelled 

is your chosen road

all is happy and peaceful;

but as soon as another road

appears that I want to travel

there is no turning for you.


There is just the one way

that leads to the places you

want to go and the journeys 

you want to take, and I have

to take this broad way that

I often don’t want at all.


Do you listen to my words

of compromise and my pleas?

Is there any giving of the gift

of recognition that I am here as well?


I often think that I speak with

a silent tongue and the words

repeat only in my head.

Repeat and repeat,

like echoes of nothing

in the coldness the night.


But be turned you will not,

for there is but one patten 

circling in your head,

and one path that dictates

the falling of your steps.


So along I go with you,

along I travel aimlessly

floating in the wind,

following the path

that only you can tread.