The land of opportunity

Across the valleys wide and low,

through the mountains filled with snow,

they came to find a life that was never there’s,

and build a vision for a new world,

not one formed on privilege or wealth or airs

but on the hard work of pioneers

from every place around the globe,

from every class and culture, or faith or race.


This is the America that formed its dream,

riding on the back of democracy;

and though its slavery held it back,

and lost the person in the black,

it borders never closed, and so it

was ever the land of opportunity,

the promised land for those

with nothing left but to go across

the seas to this new fine and vital home

where opportunity waited for

the soul that strove and believed.


Never let this refuge die

through the fear-led bigotry

of those who want to strip the land

of its birth in every other place;

for this is the land of new beginnings,

where those of every culture can

come and marvel at this

joyous and diverse melting pot.