Who are we to think
that we can control

What arrogance!
What hubris!

Who are we to claim
this power,
like demi-gods
waving a wand
over the planet.

Magic consciousness
of the worst kind.

Let’s get the order right.
We stand before nature
as creatures of flesh
like all other creates that
depend on nature’s bountiful
provisions and turbulence.

To say more is delusion.

Do we not see the stories of
control that we are spinning.

Around and around they go,
and everyone believes them
wherever they shall go.

Let’s take our place in the order,
the natural way, the way that
humans have always existed
on this beautiful planet, and let
respect for our home and
nature’s capricious ways drive
all we do and the decisions we
are  so much inclined to make.