I start with just one word–pride.

Just one word before the Fall,

one word that is about the

the sin that leads to all.


And then I remember that this one

word has another side, the head

of the coin and not the tails.




About dignity and standing up,

feeling tall, when others want to make

us small, in a world where some

think it’s okay to say whatever the fuck

they want and bring us down

to the ground with the snake that

felll and never got up again.


We are not with the snake, fuck no, we are

with the birds, flying high, leaving all the

narrow minded cunts behind, and swooping

over the scene and squawking loudly

that we have pride and nothing is gonna

make us fall to the level of the snake again.


Disclaimer: By the way, we actually think that

snakes are okay, and are not cursed beasts. 

Snakes can fly too. We believe they once did.