Love is

a touch

as tender,

as embodied

and as focused

as stroking a flower

and holding it petals

in springtime bloom.


Love is a force

as strong as gravity

that reaches beyond space

and through time

to live in

the soul

as a warming

nurturant energy

waiting for


in the soft smiles

and kind touches

of being

with the other.


Love is a herb,

a purgative drug,

that once taken

and ingested

brings healing

and the heat of affection

that floods the body

with hope,

with peace,

with joy,

and brings

restoration to

the dis-ease of

being apart,

living segmented,

and not feeling

part of the One.


Love is a kiss

as fresh as morning,

bringing the delicate taste

of morning dew

to the tongue

as it refreshes

the anima

of every being

who desires its



Love is the unspoken

measure of all that

is good,

all that is authentic,

all that makes

us abundantly

and completely