I am a painting

I see the striking painting
in front of me, staring
back from time and from
the artist who long since
has died but still in this
work lives on as form and
colour, texture, composition
and universal theme.

And as I look and take in
all that is offered for me
to savour and enjoy, I see
the colours and the shades
living together in this
ambiguity that meets my eyes
with pleasure and pain.

It causes me to look inward
at the shades and colours
that reflect all that constitutes
me in my hope and despair,
in my joy and sadness that
are the living textures of each day.

I am a painting and I am
the artist too, working with
colours, shades and textures
on a work that will be left
unfinished in the gallery
of this world,
this earth,
this life,
on the day
I die.