Change (life is a sea)

Life is a turgid sea

that is ever and always

flowing and moving,

and is deep and shallow

with foaming surface

and parts unfathomable.


Even if life seems still

and permanent,

there are currents and eddys

of change and uncertainty

beneath the mirrored waters,

and rippling turbulence

is only a storm away.


Life is attended by

the lunar tides of circularity

that shift and move it

through the rhythms

that have always been there,

and always shall be.


Life has the appearance

of stability

like the sea,

but look closely and it is

never the same,

always changing,

always shifting

in its waves and currents,

and its crashing breakers.


Life is a sea

full of living,

full of dying,

connected to the planet:

cycling, circling,

ever on till

its end in

its beginning.