Nude swimming at Bondi

I was young

and delightfully,

stupidly naive,

prowling with

my friends,

boys and girls,

in a beat-up

old wagon in

those wondrous

innocent days

before worry.


And we pulled

into Bondi to

catch a wave

at midnight in

the steamy summer heat,

with laughter

singing through

the beat of a band

on the crackling radio.


Lying on the

still warm sand

in the innocence of

the garden before the Fall,

we all stripped naked

with no one around,

just the twinkle of

lights in the bay,

and the twinkle

of delight with each other.


And we swam and splashed

in the crashing surf,

with all those

lovely bits wobbling,

but we did not care

in the moonlight,

in the moonlit dance

in the starlit ocean

of these innocent days.


Yes, I remember

nude bathing at Bondi

and the delight and laughter

of friends whose bodies

were beautiful and

not carved out

for display.