Stories are the essence of
being human and being here.

The large story, still incomplete,
and being written in the mystery
about this coming as a species,
and all we have done and still
continue to do in the unfolding.

Small stories located in place and
time about life and a person,
a community and a culture, and
emerging as points of light
scattered across the diversity
of our human landscape.

Stories of imagination located
far away and very near that sweep
across what might have been
in our human stories and histories
or what could never be, though
we wish that it would be true.

Stories of origins that serve the
need to understand our place
in the universe and become the sure
foundations on which systems of
belief build their grand structures
in which human construct a nest.

Intimate stories held close that
may not be shared and are kept
in the bank of time to be lost
when life runs out or memory declines.

And stories shared through all the
wide avenues and tiny streets
that humans have constructed
to get their stories out and let them
be consumed by those who hunger
for connection and seek significance .

Stories bind us in their universality,
bring us together in our commonalities,
take us apart in their differences
and reflect the desire we all share to fill
through narrative the emptiness we sense.