Ideology is still alive and

thriving and leading to

division–pulling us apart

and stretching the bonds

of cooperation that were

supposed to make this

world a better place.


Left and right,

right and left,

seem to be the stride of life

caught up in sides that

war on the street and fight

campaigns about issues that

concern us all and which

we all share in this world

of resources diminishing

Ideology stands proud between

people to hold back the working

together and the solutions that seem

as elusive as a thief escaping

in the fog of a starless night.


Ideology serves no one except those

who benefit from its pooling of

people and money into ventures that

ignore the ordinary plight of ordinary

people who live and scrape and survive

in their ordinary lives.


Left and right,

right and left,

religion, atheism,

socialist, capitalist,

causes and conflicts,

isms and schisms:

not about needs at all,

not about the person standing

in the line, fleeing, living

a life and seeking the happiness

that it seems only some deserve.


Ideology is alive but I wish it dead,

and bring to life community instead.