Break the cycle

Violence and hurt

are in the cycle,

in the circle

that goes around

and spins

and keeps

moving humans

in its orbit

of suffering

and despair.


Break the cycle!

Stop it now!

Hold it back

and say,



Break the cycle

and hold it back;

do it though

your force

of love

and peace.


It all sounds impossible

and part of

some far-fetched dream;

but I say,

“Break the cycle!”

Tear it apart!

Collapse its power

through the strength

of your will!


Bring it down through

your hope and forgiveness,

and bring renewal

in the delight and joy

of being

that person

that can cause

the alchemy

of change.


Break that cycle

spun through

ignorance and cruelty;

slow it down

and turn it around

into the garden

of gain,

where flowers

can grow in

the soil of pain.


Break the cycle!

It’s within your power.

It lives in your hands.

And it bursts from

the steel resolve

of your soul.


Remember that

love’s not weak,

and love doesn’t cower.

Break the cycle!

Feel your power.