Do you want justice?


Do you?


Justice is costly;

it’s hard to confront

the makers of injustice

and demand change.


It’s even harder

when these makers

say that there is

no injustice at all,

in clever manipulations

with fine-sounding words.


And it’s dangerous

when the makers

are the government

who hold the clinking keys

to the law and control

all the nuances

of what counts

as rights and wrongs.


But justice is not murky;

it is as clear as a pristine lake.


It is about protecting the right

of every person to

live a life free from

interference and harm.


It’s about being able

to receive the proper

benefits of universal law.


It’s about having a

voice, and being able to

give reasonable dissent.


It’s about finding that

potential that every person has,

without suppression or persecution.


Yes, justice is clear.


But finding the courage to

demand it is altogether

another thing.